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Big Bada Boom

Tanks, turrets and flame throwers; that seems to have been the theme last week. As anticipated, I didn’t get much gaming in but that’s not to say I didn’t get any in. Even though my feed reader keeps filling up faster than I can go through it I did get some game time in. Though no WvW for the BWE.

Didn’t I have an empty garage slot?

I started my garage cleaning in World of Tanks, and immediately started filling it back up. USA TDs, here I come. I’ve been seeing a lot M8A1s zipping around and think that might be fun thing to try so I bought a T82 and started at it. But that’s not my main focus right now. The hit-and-run flanker play-style of the French lights and mediums appeals to me. That’s how I play my PzIII and M4 so the prospect of a tank actually designed for that play style is enticing. Last week I moved from the AMX38 to the AMX40 so it’s just one more tier to go. I have heard that there are many people out there who assume that French lights are the same as the other nations and berate players who use their French lights as force multipliers instead of scouts. Hell, I even got called a noob for the crapy radio (that was fully upgraded) and slow speed of my AMX40.

Rift Wars: Knights of Telara.

Yeah, I didn’t get a single chance to login to either SWTOR or Rift. This week I’d like to finish up Nar Shaddaa on my Assassin and, since I’ve been itching to play them, dust off my 37 Shield Spec Vanguard and 22 Sawbones Scoundrel. I’m still interested in going back to Rift for a little while in July so I’d like to roll up a Warrior and see where that takes me.

Go to plan B.

BWE 2 Score Board

A typical WvW score board during BWE 2.

First the bad news, none of my plans for Guild Wars 2’s second BWE came to fruition. Now the good news, I got to play more than anticipated and had a lot of fun with something I wasn’t expecting.

As I posted on Saturday, there wasn’t much WvW to be had on my shard: Tarnished Coast. We dominated WvW by what I can only assume was shear force of numbers, since the one time I saw action there it was just a zerg, and every time I opened the WvW pannel it was all us.

So Instead of jumping into WvW I ended up just running around and PvE-ing most of the time. During the first weekend I created one each of the four professions that I was most interested: Guardian, Mesmer, Engineer and Warrior. My intention from the start was to play a Guardian and I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I also greatly enjoyed the Mesmer and decided that would be one of my day-1 professions. The Warrior and Engineer didn’t impress me as much. I enjoyed both but walked away thinking that neither would be a big focus for me.

My Engineer running through Divinity's Reach

My Engineer running through Divinity’s Reach

But there was something about the Engineer that called me back. In other games I’ve always been turned off by engineer type classes but then enjoy them if I try so I thought I’d give Engineer another shot. I’m glad I did. Once I started to get the hang of switching between kits while fighting and choosing the right kit to complement my weapon and situation everything started to fall into place. I found myself ignoring the hearts and just fighting stuff for the fun of it. It was one of the few times I’ve ever grinded just for the fun of combat.

Things were a little different in sPvP. On Sunday afternoon I got around to playing some structured PvP and could not get into the grove with the Engineer. I fumbled around and got destroyed, contributing virtually nothing to the group. The Warrior was just the opposite, everything just clicked once I entered the Mists. I had a blast and did well with the Guardian too, even if I did get a little cocky when I tried to take on half the enemy team by myself. So a tentative plan for the next BWE event is to figure out the Engineer in PvP and give the Warrior a shot in PvE.

Being a beta still one would expect a certain level of roughness but the game was running incredibly smooth. The only hitch I encountered was connection issues on Sunday evening. Based on general chat it seemed that I wasn’t the only one. Over the course of a half hour or so the problems not only persisted but expanded, culminating in a crash to desktop. After the crash I started the client back up and everything was smooth again. Hopefully they’ll get that issued ironed out.

Looking back it seems that I played a lot more than I thought I did last week. But maybe it wasn’t the quantity of gaming, just the quality.


The Feral Assassin

What a beautiful holiday weekend. Great weather, good food, wonderful company and tasty beverages (every grocery store in town had New Belgian beers on sale, now available in cans!). The only hitch was two little thunderstorms that both miraculously timed themselves perfectly for when I was grilling dinner on two separate nights, but at least they helped keep me cool. Between the holiday and coming off a busy week at work I didn’t have time to blog, hell I’m even behind on reading blogs right now, but I did get some gaming time in.

Khem Val Hates Me

So my Assassin has crossed level 20, 22 to be exact at this point, and moved onto Nar Shaddaa. Belsavis was fun, slow to start but I enjoyed it in the end. I got to “enjoy” the greatest affection change I’ve yet to see from a companion: -160 Khem Val for a light side choice, and that was right after we had a little chat about mercy. Sure I could have just dismissed him and avoided the lost but that breaks immersion and cheapens the experience.

Leveling has been proceeding well. I’m still not doing Flashpoints and Warzones, skipping Heroics and Bonus series, and not exploring and I’m almost not out leveling content faster than I can complete it. I still had a quest log full of greens when I finished Belsavis but I’m sitting with proper-leveled quests right now. I still think it’s absurd that I have to skip so much content just to not out level zones; I can’t wait for Guild Wars 2 and their downranking system.

I think I’ve also figured out why the Assassin is clicking so well with me: it plays a lot like a feral Druid. Sure there’s no “John Madden rotation” but the same “feel” is there. I realized it one day when I was thinking: “it’s so nice to have a pocket tank so I can actually shred instead of mangle.” Yeah, so there’s that.

I also gave Commando a try. I had leveled another Trooper through Ord Mantel a while ago and stopped after picking Commando as an AC. I picked it back up last week but it just wasn’t working for me. I’ve always been more of a melee player but can enjoy ranged classes if they’re very mobile, the Commando seems to be just the opposite of that. I’m not deleting this character just yet but I won’t be playing a commando as my healer.

Defying The Cleric

We are go on Rift Lite. I patched up my client and jumped into Rift Lite. Picked a new shard and then created a Defiant Mage and a Guardian Cleric. With the cleric I instantly started falling into my old Cleric ways: Shamicar. The Mage captured my attention though. I never got far with a Mage when I subscribed so I just picked one of the soul templates and went with the flow. My limited previous experience with a Mage was as a Chloromancer so I chose one of the DPS templates, the mobile one, and just fell into it. I was shooting lightning left and right and the next thing I knew a couple of hours had flown by.

The soul templates are a great idea. I was able to just pick it up go without having to worry about exactly how I’m going to spec my character from the start. I can get the feeling of the class first and then take it from there. Sure I’m missing out on the “accomplishment” of unlocking the different souls but that felt more like a grind rather than an accomplishment, especially after they removed the quests in favor of purchasing them.

I’m looking forward to playing some more of the Mage but I might be rerolling the Cleric as a rogue: the other class I have little experience with. My desire to come back with a subscription is only being fueled by the news of a possible expansion, but that’s a discussion for another time.

On A Second Thought…

I miss how all the TV channels used to play old war movies all Memorial Weekend long. It was nice being able to turn on the TV at any time and find either The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape or Kelly’s Heroes on, but no more. So I decided to jump into some World of Tanks for a WWII fix. And then I looked at my garage: German, German, German, US, German, German, etc. Yeah, maybe rolling around in a panzer isn’t the best way to celebrate Memorial Day. So one match in my Panzer III and I was out.

So that’s about it for last week. Now time to start planning what to do in the recently announced Guild Wars 2 BWE.

You’ll never catch me Copper!

…Oh no. So, uh, Ravanel called me out on only writing about one character when I’m calling myself the Altoholic. Fair enough, it is a bit odd to start a blog about being an altoholic while I’m settling into playing just one character. So here’s a little background on how I got to my Sith Assassin.

I started SWTOR during early access with a Jedi Knight and a Trooper. I knew I wanted to roll a Republic tank and the Knight is just too iconic to pass by while the idea of playing a non-force wielder had great appeal. I just couldn’t decide which one so I figured I’d go both. The Trooper ended up clicking more. As an aside: I’m always drawn to warrior-type characters from a thematic standpoint but can never really get into playing them. I mostly stuck with my Trooper, a Shield Spec Vanguard, while PvPing with a Sawbones Scoundrel (up to the early 20s) and constantly rolling Troopers, Knights, Consulars and Smugglers to level 10 only to delete them.

By the time I finished Act 1, at level 36, on my Vanguard I had started getting burned out with that character. I was tired of fighting mobs 5 to 10 levels lower than my character and tired of being “forced” to skip content. I focused more on trying to pick a new alt but I was burned out on low-level Republic content, I even tried to spice it up by creating a Consular that I was going to role play as a Vulcan very logical, emotion-less human.

So I tried Empire. First attempt was a Bounty Hunter: I liked the story and how it worked well being more of an independent contractor and I especially loved how it was more fire themed than my Trooper but it was too similar and made me feel like I should go back to my Trooper. So onto the Imperial Agent, with a Scoundrel already there I decided to go Sniper. By level 12 I was regretting my AC choice and not logging in anymore. So that brings us to today and my Sith Assassin.

So what about other potential alts? I have two big interests right now: Sage or Commando. I really enjoy PvPing with my little Sawbones Scoundrel but I do not like questing/leveling with him, even less since Corso lost his harpoon, so I’ve been wanting to try another healer. So why Sage and Commando rather than Sorcerer and Mercenary? First, I don’t really care for the purple lighting and prefer the aesthetic of the Sage. Secondly, Autocanon. So it’s just a matter of time before I roll up one of those two and give another healing class a try.

Maybe I’ll live up to my name an roll one of them tonight.

Temptations of the Dark Side

Sith Assassin aboard his Fury

Done with Dromund Kaas, off to Belsavis.

Things have been going well for my little Sith Assassin. I’ve actually stuck with just playing him for the past week. Sure I was tempted to bounce around some, I had an itch to play a Smuggler, but I just reminded myself that if I stick it out with this guy then I can roll a Sith Pureblood Smuggler (and Jedi, and Bounty Hunter, and …).

I’ve been having the most fun in SWTOR since I started playing. I’ve previously stuck with Republic characters so everything Empire feels new. I’ve also been doing something a little out of character for myself: skipping stuff. I typically take my time through zones, exploring, searching for datacrons and generally making sure that I do and see everything. I’ve been a little more laid back this time around. I’ve been skipping heroics and flashpoints, I’ve only run a couple of Warzones and the only datacrons I’ve found have been the ones I passed along the way. It feels weird to be skipping so much but I’m enjoying it. Most of all because I’m not outpacing content. I finished Dromund Kaas at level 16, where all my Republic characters finished Coruscant around level 22. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable the game is when the content isn’t so far below me that it’s trivial, I might not have to skip multiple planets before finishing Act 1 this time.

I’ve stuck with light side but have found that there are few conversation choices for a Sith that cares little for the Empire or the institution of the Sith. The way I’m handling the situation is to be all nice and friendly when civilians or slaves are involved and and evil bastard if the focus is military, political or Sith. It worked well on Dromund Kaas but I’m finding that it’s leading me to a lot of dark side choices on Belsavis. I’ve also decided that my activities on Dromund Kaas have gone to my character’s head. He’s becoming more power hungry and arrogant; the dark side is tempting him. We’ll see if he can fight that temptation and stay on the light side of things.