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A Different Kind of Lunch-break Research

AMX40 slowly climbing a hill

A light tank so slow that heavies and TDs easily out run it.

I can’t help my self, the past couple nights I get a chance to sit down to play for a little bit, click the SWTOR icon, close the window and open World of Tanks. The game has fully caught my attention again, and for good reason. It offers so much more than just a fun game.

Take a minute and think about it.A while ago I mentioned that one of the things I love about WoTs is that you have to play smart. The game is a constant challenge which means that there’s always room for improvement and unlike most typical MMOs, improvement doesn’t mean epics. While you still have to upgrade your tank, it won’t get you very far. You have to improve your game. It’s the inverse of most MMOs. In SWTOR, WoW, Rift, etc player skill is important but the best player in the world will get trounced by a gear discrepancy. In WoT the better tanker will always come out on top, even in a lesser tank. And I suck, so that’s usually not me but there’s time to grow and learn.

You can’t win them all.

So many games have conditioned players to expect to win all the time, but most WoT players have about a 50% win/loss ratio. When WoT first hit the scene many people complained and even rage-quit over the fact that they lost half the time. The most common complaint I saw was that they play to unwind and losing just upset them. I’ve always been one who games first-and-foremost to unwind but there’s a difference between unwinding and being bored. There’s nothing fun about winning all the time, it’s repetitive and repetition is boring. A challenge, something that occupies the mind and allows the worries of the day to fade away, that is relaxation. Sure booze do a great job too but have that nasty tendency for dependency, and hangovers.

A different kind of lunch-break research.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who brings up their favorite game sites for a short distraction at work or during a break. Check the news feeds, a couple blogs, maybe even a forum or two. Every time I get engaged with WoT I find myself looking up different information: history. It’s fun to research the real-life counterparts of the tanks you drive in the game. It feeds my inner war-buff and history geek and creates a connection to real life and a level of immersion unparalleled by fantasy and/or sci-fi games.

Give it a try.

So If you haven’t tried World of Tanks and my reasons for enjoying it above sounds interesting, give it a try. If tanks aren’t your thing, planes and ships are on their way too. I highly recommend it and, if nothing else, it’s a great distraction from the normal MMO rotation.


Tanking is Hard

Burning Panzer

A careless maneuver gets my Panzer III/IV killed in flash.

Yep, that’s me on the bottom left, the first on my team to go. After a long hiatus form the game I recently started getting back into World of Tanks and this is what I love about this game: it’s not about having the best gear, min-maxing, or anything like that, it’s about playing with your brain and not leaving your flank open to get one-shotted by at KV hiding in the bushes.

And yes, although I’m late to the game, this post was inspired by Tastes Like Battle Chicken’s Week 2 Challenge for the NBI.