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Good Job Catching Yourself

“Good job catching yourself” is a phrase I found myself repeating every time my 2-year-old daughter stumbled when we started our family walks. She’s quite a bit more stable these days.

The same phrase came to mind when I heard the news of SWTOR’s impending F2P transition. It should come as no surprise to anyone who keeps up with MMO news since for the past couple of months Bioware and EA have been hinting at a pending F2P transition, and by hinting I mean directly stating that they were looking into it. Between the layoffs and declining subs, SWTOR has been stumbling but under this new model it looks like they’re doing what they should have been doing from the start: selling a box to the casuals while getting the hardcore to subscribe.

So good job catching yourself SWTOR, I really hope that this works out well for you.

Will I return for F2P? Assuming that free players aren’t too restricted, I’ll probably jump back in here and there to finish leveling some characters and see the story lines unfold while fulfilling my duty as a free player: cannon foder for Warzones and a warm body for LFG flashpoints.


You’ll never catch me Copper!

…Oh no. So, uh, Ravanel called me out on only writing about one character when I’m calling myself the Altoholic. Fair enough, it is a bit odd to start a blog about being an altoholic while I’m settling into playing just one character. So here’s a little background on how I got to my Sith Assassin.

I started SWTOR during early access with a Jedi Knight and a Trooper. I knew I wanted to roll a Republic tank and the Knight is just too iconic to pass by while the idea of playing a non-force wielder had great appeal. I just couldn’t decide which one so I figured I’d go both. The Trooper ended up clicking more. As an aside: I’m always drawn to warrior-type characters from a thematic standpoint but can never really get into playing them. I mostly stuck with my Trooper, a Shield Spec Vanguard, while PvPing with a Sawbones Scoundrel (up to the early 20s) and constantly rolling Troopers, Knights, Consulars and Smugglers to level 10 only to delete them.

By the time I finished Act 1, at level 36, on my Vanguard I had started getting burned out with that character. I was tired of fighting mobs 5 to 10 levels lower than my character and tired of being “forced” to skip content. I focused more on trying to pick a new alt but I was burned out on low-level Republic content, I even tried to spice it up by creating a Consular that I was going to role play as a Vulcan very logical, emotion-less human.

So I tried Empire. First attempt was a Bounty Hunter: I liked the story and how it worked well being more of an independent contractor and I especially loved how it was more fire themed than my Trooper but it was too similar and made me feel like I should go back to my Trooper. So onto the Imperial Agent, with a Scoundrel already there I decided to go Sniper. By level 12 I was regretting my AC choice and not logging in anymore. So that brings us to today and my Sith Assassin.

So what about other potential alts? I have two big interests right now: Sage or Commando. I really enjoy PvPing with my little Sawbones Scoundrel but I do not like questing/leveling with him, even less since Corso lost his harpoon, so I’ve been wanting to try another healer. So why Sage and Commando rather than Sorcerer and Mercenary? First, I don’t really care for the purple lighting and prefer the aesthetic of the Sage. Secondly, Autocanon. So it’s just a matter of time before I roll up one of those two and give another healing class a try.

Maybe I’ll live up to my name an roll one of them tonight.