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A Fissure In the Force

For many years I was less of an MMO gamer and more of a WoW player. I’d give other games a try from time to time by WoW was always my home, I guess the proper term is “WoW tourist.” That was until I pickup up Rift. Like many other players, I saw Rift as somewhat of a dark horse. I wasn’t really following it and wasn’t expecting much of anything from it. I guess that’s why it impressed me so much.

After picking it up I was swept away by the open classes,  rift/invasion system, Trion’s update schedule and their dedication to their customers. Sure, the quests were nothing special and rifts often ended up feeling like more of the same after the umpteenth time but the game is incredible fun and well-made. Last fall I decided to take a break. My Cleric had hit 50 and I started to settling into my typical end game groove of battlegrounds, but then the gear grind reared its ugly head. I found myself essentially committing suicide by R8 PvPer in order to farm gear to compete. There’s nothing fun in that and so I decided to play something else, at least for the time being.

Fast forward 6 months. Trion’s been working hard at adding new things and generally improving the game. I’ve heard some good things about the current state of the game and I’m very intrigued by the newly announced Conquest system. The itch to pick it up again is here. But it’s different from my typical urge to give a game another shot, it’s the desire to go home. I want to go home again but home has moved: it’s not in Azeroth anymore.

I’ve still have quite some time left on my SWTOR subscription so I’m not resubbing to Rift anytime too soon but I might patch up the client and give Rift Lite a try with a new alt. Maybe when my SWTOR sub is up for renewal I’ll find myself in Telara again.