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The Plan of Attack

Just over a week left before Guild Wars 2 early access so it’s time to start planning.

For the first time in my life I’m actually setting aside time for a game’s launch. I’ve spoken with my wife about her being on “baby duty” for most of early access Saturday. That’s not to say I’m going to play all day and ignore my family but I will get in more play time than just during naps and after bedtime. I also have a giftcard to Total Wine that I’ve been saving since my birthday so I’ll be picking up a growler or a couple of bombers of, hopefully local, craft beer. That’s it for out of game, what about in game?

I’m starting with alts of course. I’m thinking about having a morning, afternoon and evening session so it’ll be one character for each session. This works well with my larger alt schedule of three flights of alts. The first flight is comprised of the day-one alts I’ll be rotating through.

Norn Guardian
I first became interested in Guild Wars 2 around the time of the Guardian reveal. I prefer hybrids and my favorite flavor of hybrids are of the tank-y, melee/magic variety and Guardians are a perfect fit. Norn also immediately struck a chord with me. I’m usually drawn to large and/or monstrous races and I’m a sucker for the whole barbarian aesthetic. The more I learned about the race the more I liked it: shamanistic beer-lovers who turn into bears, sign me up.

Charr Engineer
How do you say “large and monstrous” in Guild Wars? Charr. The steampunk aesthetic and Imperial Roman undertones also makes the Charr a very interesting race. I took a liking to the Engineer during the first beta weekend event and decided that it was a profession that I’d be playing and since don’t think there’s a more fitting race-profession combination than an Iron Legion Charr Engineer, my race decision was made for me.

Asura Mesmer
The other profession that tickled my fancy during the BWEs was the Mesmer. The only question was “which race?”. I shy away from playing humans in fantasy MMOs so I was leaning toward either Asura or Sylvari. When it was announced that these two races where going to be playable for BWE3 I decided that my sole purpose for that weekend would be deciding which race to pick. Asura are just too awesome to pass over.

I’ll go Charr Warrior and Sylavri Necromancer for the second flight, about a week or two later, and eventually I’ll purchase some more character slots to pickup the last three classes.

So that’s the plan. Only 9 days left to go and at this point I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the actual launch of GW2 or the idea of having a gaming day to celebrate it.


Perfect Timing

So August 28 for Guild Wars 2, awesome! I was really expecting a much later date: December, maybe November. Not that I think the game needs that much more time, I was just excepting ArenaNet to take as much time as they could to continue tweaking and polishing it.

But I had to just laugh at myself for the launch date and the last BWE dates. I have two “work things” going on this summer. The first is a company gathering during the July BWE and the second is a business trip the week of launch. Luckily I’ll have early access and a couple of days before I leave for a week but I still found it funny.

On another side note, that release date made up my mind on whether to go for Rift or WoW. I don’t have time for both before GW2’s launch so it’ll just be Rift.

Pay to Lose

Today I caught a Massively article from yesterday about leveling via crafting in Guild Wars 2. One of the devs, Linsey Murdock, had posted an explanation of how leveling by crafting works in GW2, basically leveling a trade skill from 1-400 grants 10 levels of XP so leveling all 8 trade skills grants 80 levels. While that’s interesting in and of itself what really intrigued me was the forum thread that prompted that explanation.

One player had started a thread in the crafting forums titled “Cooking = Buy to Win.” The poster stated that he or she had sold gems for gold and then used that gold to power level trade skills and gained 15 levels in the process. In his or her eyes this was a pay t0 win scenario: money was paid to accelerate leveling and apparently leveling is winning.

I may be in a minority here but to me, that’s paying to lose. It’s one thing if you enjoy doing nothing but crafting, have at it and take advantage of the ability to skip things you don’t want to do (grind gold and/or mats) to do the things you want to do (craft). But paying money to grind, just to make a little number go up isn’t winning anything. It’s doing something you don’t want to do just so that you can skip the bulk of the game, and paying for the privilege; in effect it’s paying to not play. If that isn’t the raw end of a deal, I don’t know what is.

Odd Time For a Stress Test?

Guild Wars 2 is having a stress test today and I can’t help but to think: is it just me or is a Monday afternoon/evening an odd time for a stress test?

Even here on the east coast the test is ending at 9:00pm and that just seems early. It’s definitely too early for me since I don’t typically game until after the little one goes to bed. I know I’m looking at it through my own filter but I imagine that there are plenty of other people out there who would be logging in for the stress test if it wasn’t for the timing. Is that their intention, limit the size of the stress test by the timing and then do a bigger one on the weekend after having tweaked the servers?

What do you think?