An Alt Army of One

Now that I’m playing The Secret World I’m left with the question of “what is an altoholic to do in such a single-character centric game?” In my first weekend I stumbled upon the answer: decks.

There are many different reasons that people like to play alts such as varied leveling experiences, different RP outlets and other thematic reasons. For me it’s usually the play-styles. Most of the time when I pick up a new alt it’s because I want to play a different class and experience a different play-style. This is also the reason I typically gravitate toward hybrid-type characters. My first max-level character in any MMO was a Druid in WoW and a Rift Cleric is, to-date, the only non-WoW max level character I’ve played. Hybrids offer some of what I’m looking for in alts: varied play-styles.

So what does hybrid classes and alts have to do with a class-less game that encourages character monogamy? Well, I’m dealing with the “main” issue by playing my Templar as an uberhybrid to effectively create and alt army of one. This way I get all the story, lore and exploration *cough* and costume *cough* unlocks of playing one character while getting the game play experience of multiple alts.

I do have a fear of spreading myself too thin, at which point I will create another character, so I’m starting by focusing on three or four weapons while cherry-picking other low-hanging passives and building them into different decks. Currently I’m running with Blade, Blood and Hammer while alternating between a Penetration/Affliction Blade/Blood deck and a Survivability, Impair-focused Hammer/Blade deck. I’m now looking for a more ranged “alt” so I’m considering at adding a ranged weapon into the mix by picking up either a Shotgun or Pistols. Before I go off on too much of a tangent…

This system seems to be working okay for now and holds quite a bit of potential as I unlock more options. Everytime I login I run off to complete a mission or two and then, instead of switching characters, I switch decks and do another chain or two. I’m very satisfied with the experience and pleased to have found an venue for horizontal advancement.


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