You’ll never catch me Copper!

…Oh no. So, uh, Ravanel called me out on only writing about one character when I’m calling myself the Altoholic. Fair enough, it is a bit odd to start a blog about being an altoholic while I’m settling into playing just one character. So here’s a little background on how I got to my Sith Assassin.

I started SWTOR during early access with a Jedi Knight and a Trooper. I knew I wanted to roll a Republic tank and the Knight is just too iconic to pass by while the idea of playing a non-force wielder had great appeal. I just couldn’t decide which one so I figured I’d go both. The Trooper ended up clicking more. As an aside: I’m always drawn to warrior-type characters from a thematic standpoint but can never really get into playing them. I mostly stuck with my Trooper, a Shield Spec Vanguard, while PvPing with a Sawbones Scoundrel (up to the early 20s) and constantly rolling Troopers, Knights, Consulars and Smugglers to level 10 only to delete them.

By the time I finished Act 1, at level 36, on my Vanguard I had started getting burned out with that character. I was tired of fighting mobs 5 to 10 levels lower than my character and tired of being “forced” to skip content. I focused more on trying to pick a new alt but I was burned out on low-level Republic content, I even tried to spice it up by creating a Consular that I was going to role play as a Vulcan very logical, emotion-less human.

So I tried Empire. First attempt was a Bounty Hunter: I liked the story and how it worked well being more of an independent contractor and I especially loved how it was more fire themed than my Trooper but it was too similar and made me feel like I should go back to my Trooper. So onto the Imperial Agent, with a Scoundrel already there I decided to go Sniper. By level 12 I was regretting my AC choice and not logging in anymore. So that brings us to today and my Sith Assassin.

So what about other potential alts? I have two big interests right now: Sage or Commando. I really enjoy PvPing with my little Sawbones Scoundrel but I do not like questing/leveling with him, even less since Corso lost his harpoon, so I’ve been wanting to try another healer. So why Sage and Commando rather than Sorcerer and Mercenary? First, I don’t really care for the purple lighting and prefer the aesthetic of the Sage. Secondly, Autocanon. So it’s just a matter of time before I roll up one of those two and give another healing class a try.

Maybe I’ll live up to my name an roll one of them tonight.


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One response to “You’ll never catch me Copper!

  • Ravanel

    Haha, brilliant title! xD

    Great post, it was interesting to read about all your alts. It’s funny for me, because I usually have a pretty good idea about what I like to play. For me that’s jedi sage and sentinel at the moment. I enjoy my jedi sage very much, but I would have dreaded leveling her alone in healing specs. Luckily I duo with my boyfriend. 🙂 I also found that my sage was a late bloomer: in the beginning I struggled with force power problems and the lack of an AoE healing skill. Now she got her talents unlocked, it’s lovely to play and heal with her!

    I can see how it must be getting boring to level the same areas over and over. I hope you’ll find something of your liking in the end. 🙂

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