Temptations of the Dark Side

Sith Assassin aboard his Fury

Done with Dromund Kaas, off to Belsavis.

Things have been going well for my little Sith Assassin. I’ve actually stuck with just playing him for the past week. Sure I was tempted to bounce around some, I had an itch to play a Smuggler, but I just reminded myself that if I stick it out with this guy then I can roll a Sith Pureblood Smuggler (and Jedi, and Bounty Hunter, and …).

I’ve been having the most fun in SWTOR since I started playing. I’ve previously stuck with Republic characters so everything Empire feels new. I’ve also been doing something a little out of character for myself: skipping stuff. I typically take my time through zones, exploring, searching for datacrons and generally making sure that I do and see everything. I’ve been a little more laid back this time around. I’ve been skipping heroics and flashpoints, I’ve only run a couple of Warzones and the only datacrons I’ve found have been the ones I passed along the way. It feels weird to be skipping so much but I’m enjoying it. Most of all because I’m not outpacing content. I finished Dromund Kaas at level 16, where all my Republic characters finished Coruscant around level 22. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable the game is when the content isn’t so far below me that it’s trivial, I might not have to skip multiple planets before finishing Act 1 this time.

I’ve stuck with light side but have found that there are few conversation choices for a Sith that cares little for the Empire or the institution of the Sith. The way I’m handling the situation is to be all nice and friendly when civilians or slaves are involved and and evil bastard if the focus is military, political or Sith. It worked well on Dromund Kaas but I’m finding that it’s leading me to a lot of dark side choices on Belsavis. I’ve also decided that my activities on Dromund Kaas have gone to my character’s head. He’s becoming more power hungry and arrogant; the dark side is tempting him. We’ll see if he can fight that temptation and stay on the light side of things.


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