Tanking is Hard

Burning Panzer

A careless maneuver gets my Panzer III/IV killed in flash.

Yep, that’s me on the bottom left, the first on my team to go. After a long hiatus form the game I recently started getting back into World of Tanks and this is what I love about this game: it’s not about having the best gear, min-maxing, or anything like that, it’s about playing with your brain and not leaving your flank open to get one-shotted by at KV hiding in the bushes.

And yes, although I’m late to the game, this post was inspired by Tastes Like Battle Chicken’s Week 2 Challenge for the NBI.


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One response to “Tanking is Hard

  • battlechicken

    Late or not, great post! Thought is a lot of what’s missing in games today, I think.

    I have tried to drive tanks in many games. I am terribad at it. I could probably find a way to pretty easily blow myself up; I’m good at that. 😛

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