Odd Time For a Stress Test?

Guild Wars 2 is having a stress test today and I can’t help but to think: is it just me or is a Monday afternoon/evening an odd time for a stress test?

Even here on the east coast the test is ending at 9:00pm and that just seems early. It’s definitely too early for me since I don’t typically game until after the little one goes to bed. I know I’m looking at it through my own filter but I imagine that there are plenty of other people out there who would be logging in for the stress test if it wasn’t for the timing. Is that their intention, limit the size of the stress test by the timing and then do a bigger one on the weekend after having tweaked the servers?

What do you think?


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2 responses to “Odd Time For a Stress Test?

  • Rakuno

    I was surprised about the whole thing too. My guess is they went with Monday because they intent to do another round of beta weekend on this next weekend.

    Actually, I am getting the vibe they are really gearing up for a release in the next month or so despite no official release date yet. @_@

  • Psnacky

    I hope you’re right, though I have a feeling that we’re a little farther off on a release date.

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