Finding The Right Fit

I’ve hit something of a rut in SWTOR recently. It would be easy to say that it’s just burnout or GW2 anticipation building from the BWE but I think it’s something else.

More so than other MMOs, I find that SWTOR is really feeding my altoholism. The class stories and the distinct “feel” of each class lends well to this affliction, all making me want to jump from character to character constantly. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. Ever since I finished act 1 on my Vanguard I’ve been bouncing around with a little of this and a little of that. It seems that at least once a week I’m getting a “Welcome to level 10, here’s what you can do now…” email from Bioware. But nothing has been clicking.

Then I realized that there was one thing that I was avoiding: Inquisitors. I’ve been shying away from Inquisitors but the class was the tipping point of my interest in SWTOR. You see, before the open beta weekend I had no interest in playing SWTOR but I got an invite so I gave it a try. At first I logged in and rolled a Trooper, hated it and logged out. The next day I tried again and created an Inquisitor; I was hooked and placed my pre-order a few days later. I ended up deciding to go Republic at launch, I usually lean toward the underdog faction (player population wise), and didn’t look back at the Inquisitor.

Until last night that is. I picked up a little level 2 Inquisitor I created a while ago and the next thing I knew I was heading out for my final set of quests on Korriban. I think I’m going to stick with this one for a while, go Assassin for my AC and see where it takes me. I’ve decided on a general attitude to guide dialog choices. He’s bitter from his experience as a slave and doesn’t want to see others suffer as he did so he’s going lightside. He has no love for the Empire, the Sith in general or his superiors but will placate them if (1) they treat him like a person and (2) can offer him an avenue toward more power. My primary goal in lightside/darkside is seeing how/if the game lets me explore the option of playing a Sith who taps into all emotions rather than just hate.

It was a fun start and we’ll see where it goes. I won’t be logging on to play him tonight but I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from Korriban.


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